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Every year on March 08th, the whole world celebrates International Women’s Day. This year in Burundi, the Day was celebrated under the theme:”rural and urban actors, together let us transform the lives of women.

In the province of Gitega the day was celebrated on Friday 09th March 2018 in the commune of Gitega. The day was organized by the provincial government, provincial CDFC, women’s forum.

IPROSARUDE participated actively and financially in the celebration.

The ceremonies were enhanced by the presence of the 1st vice president of the senate, the governor of Gitega province and his wife and the administrator of Gitega commune. The ceremonies began with a visit to the women imprisoned in Gitega Central Prison, followed by a demonstration march. The ceremonies were closed with a reception held at the bar “KU NGOMA” and the atmosphere was festive.

Several women gathered at the “ku ngoma” bar to commemorate this day. Representatives of the various organizations such as CARE, MIPAREC, World Vision, Red Cross Burundi, FENACOBU, C. P. D. and others also took part in these ceremonies, and different traders from Gitega province.

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