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Divine is one of the examples of many women who give birth in inhumane conditions as a result of lack of compulsion by family members and who are rejected in life.

This is the place where Divine was found to give life to her newborn

Imagine what it would be like with her newborn baby except that the goodwill of the passers-by who brought Divine to IPROSARUDE.

Listen to his story:

Divine KAMARIZA , 23 years old, born at  Yazigo, 1995 in Bugenyuzi District Karusi province. She is the eldest of the family of 8 children, her father currently resides in Uganda, and her mother is with her own parents.

KAMARIZA Divine left her parents at the age of 10 because of poverty, she went to look for a job with her neighbor where she worked as a housemaid for 4 months, and then she went to Bujumbura precisely to BUYENZI where she also worked as a housemaid. Her employer left Bujumbura to go to work in KIRUNDO precisely in MUKENKE, KAMARIZA Divine had gone with him where she spent a year then she returned to Bujumbura because the conditions in which she lived were unfavorable for her. Back in Bujumbura, she found a job in KINAMA, she worked for 4 years, and she conceived the first pregnancy and her employer after noticing she was pregnant, he chased her away and she went to GITEGA in Magarama where she lived as a beggar after giving birth. After weaning her child from mother’s milk, Divine gave the baby to a family member who resides in KARUSI then she returned to GITEGA precisely in KARERA where she was a housemaid of someone she does not remember the name. After a few years KAMARIZA Divine left KARERA to go to RANGO (Chez maman Badia) there too, she worked as a housemaid then she found herself in love with a boy who was the groom and the latter pregnant her a second time. His friend (his partner) reassured him that he is responsible for this pregnancy and that he will try to take care of the future newborn but unfortunately, the boy was dishonest and he fled. After a few months, Divine noticed that the latter had disappeared from this region.

Her employer, too, after noticing that Divine was pregnant, kicked her out of the house and she saw fit to do avocados’ trade because she had a capital of 7000 BIF(4 USD). Divine continued to live from her small business and during the night, she slept in buildings that are not yet finished then she woke up very early in the morning so that nobody knew where she slept during the night.

At the end of pregnancy, as soon as the first contractions appear, Divine rushed into a hangar with the intention of giving birth and leaving her child there, supposedly to be saved perhaps by a passing person, and it was in 20 minutes after the birth that Divine was seen by a staff from Gitega’s Polyclinic Espoir (clinic of IPROSARUDE) who was back home after work and the latter advanced her to Gitega’s Polyclinic Espoir , as quickly as possible where she received care such as the repair of the perineal laceration and manual curing as well as the management of anemia because she had a lot of bleeding. At Gitega’s Polyclinic Espoir , the newborn was also treated by fighting neonatal infection, hypoglycemia, hypothermia and cord care. The mother and child were kept in hospital for close monitoring and prescribed treatment. It should also be noted that such cases have been notified to the administrative and judicial services. Right now, mother and child are fine, no problem.

Current needs:

  • The mother asks that, as before, she continue to be supported both morally and materially.
  • To give her a small capital so that she can continue to trade to get enough to eat
  • To take care of her child until at least the age of 5 because if the child falls ill, she will not be able to have him treated
  • To help her by giving her accommodation because she sees nowhere else to go

She cordially thanks all the Gitega’s Polyclinic Espoir  team and in particular Mrs. BUCUTI Fidélité who evacuated her to the hospital environment and Mr. NDAYIZEYE Félix who took care of her child even outside working hours.

Thank you, God bless you.

After Treatment of Divine and his child

Currently Divine after the exit of the clinic, began again the small trade which allows him to overcome the needs of the daily life (rent of house, food ration) for her and his child.

To Day is 5 months after the birth of the child, its general condition during the consultation with the pediatrician at IPROSARUDE clinic and IPROSARUDE continue to support Divine medical care.

IPROSARUDE asks charitable people for a contribution in materials or money to help Divine as well as other women who are in similar conditions.

God bless you !!!

For IPROSARUDE, Dr Jean Pierre Ndayirukiye, Executive Director 

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