The visit to UTAH University was effective on 13/9/2017 as recorded in the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Dr Jean Pierre of IPROSARUDE.

This visit was marked mainly by the audience at the UTAH University Secretariat with the Director of Global Health; Mr Carlos who is also associated with the University of Utah, accompanied by the General Secretary of the University.The audience was requested and facilitated by Dr. Tom.

The discussions focused on the presentation of IPROSARUDE and its activities that interested that team. This is how we focused our interventions on 3 key themes which IPROSARUDE undertook to highlight given that there were no priorities in those fields. These are mainly dentistry, ophthalmology and oncology.

After this visit, we were welcomed by the dean of the dentistry department in his office, who asked us to explain our mission and what type of support can prepare us for our presentation.

Then; around noon; local, we went to the multipurpose room to present our topic entitled: “long term solution to dental care Services in Burundi”. We had received students, professors and other staff who came to follow this presentation. After the presentation, participants wanted to know how we find the human and financial means to carry out our activities, and whether we have a water or salt fluoridation program.

After the presentation; it was an opportunity to lead a guided tour of the department with visits to the demonstration rooms and dental laboratories.

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