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Programme Manager and Fundraising

Isaïe NIZIGIYIMANA is a Burundian nationality holding a Master in Political Science obtained at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut (Lebanon), a PostGraduate Diploma in Environmental Journalism and Communication obtained at Makerere University of Kampala and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Burundi.

Since 2005, he worked as a reporter in different media houses in Bujumbura before he joined private Universities as an administration staff and lecturer.

In 2010, he began a career in International Non Government Organisations (NGOs) where he occupied different positions like Project Manager in ADRA Burundi (2010-2013), Programme Coordinator in ACORD Burundi (2013-2016), Great Lakes Project Burundi Ground Coordinator in East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (2017-2018) before joining in 2019 “Initiative pour la Promotion de la Santé Rurale et le Développement” as Programme Manager and Fundraising.

Dr Olivier Gashirahamwe

Medical manager

Physician of Burundian nationality; Deputy Director in charge of care at the Polyclincic Espoir de Gitega, one of the IPROSARUDE clinics. He holds a Doctorate in General Medicine from the University of Burundi in March 2014. He also has expertise in surgical and gynecological-obstetrical emergencies as well as in abdominal-pelvic and obstetrical ultrasound acquired at Mutoyi Hospital, a hospital run by an Italian NGO called VISPE, where he worked from May 2014 until August 2017.

Dr Olivier GASHIRAHMWE has also been trained in SONUB (basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care) and in the management of victims of GBV (sexual and gender-based violence).

As personal aspirations, he loves his family, learning more, sports and listening to music (any music).

Nshimirimana Jean Paul

Finance and administrative manager

My name is NSHIMIRIMANA Jean Paul. I am originally from Kayanza Province exactly in Matongo Commune. But at present I live with my family at Kayanza town center. I attended Burarana primary school and went ahead to Don Bosco secondary school and finally at Bujumbura National University. I followed the Hospital Management section in High Institute of Commerce.

After the school attendance, I got an internship at Musema Hospital for 3 months which was for completion of the whole curricula of the High Institute of Commerce. Later I got a job of teaching in public secondary school and that lasted for six years. In the end of 2013 I got a shift in my career and embrace my preferred career, that is, managing the Health Institutions. I was indeed nominated as the Finances and Administration Manager at Gahombo Hospital and till now I am working for the Ministry of Public Health and Fight against AIDS. As the Hospital was new, I worked hard for initiation and implementation of the accounting procedures, for it was my job specifications indeed.

In the midst of 2014, I received training in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for one week, and ever since, it has been a tough tool for the major part of my duties. In 2016, I was trained on the Administrative and Accounting Procedures Manual for one week and in the course of the current career, I got various trainings concerning the accomplishment of my tasks.

Meanwhile, I grasped the opportunity of getting a higher school level. I was enrolled in evening curricula in Enterprises Management Faculty for two school years in order to get the Diploma of Licencié. In the beginning of 2017, I proceed with Memoire public defense and got my Diploma of Licencié.   

Though I rarely play table tennis, I really like it.

Dr Arlette Kamariza

Research and developpement assistant

Dr Arlette did medical school at Nanchang University (China) and graduated in 2013. She did after Bachelor Degree two programs : Medical Management of HIV infection in Burundi -University of Burundi in 2014) and Methods and Practice in Epidemiology– ISPED : Institut de Santé Publique et Développement in 2014). Since August, Dr Arlette is studying at OTC : Monitoring and Evaluation of health programs and projects.

Since 2013 worked as a a generalist practitionner and as a part time teacher in two universities (UGL : Université des Grands Lacs and ISD :Institut Supérieur de Développement).

From December 2015 to June 2016, worked as an expatriate for MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) in Central African Republic. Her position was  MD Outreach in Bangassou Project.

Dr Arlette Joined IPROSARUDE in 2016 as research and development unit member 

From February 2017, working as a Consultant at CERPED (Centre d’études et de Recherche en Population et Développement).

  • 2017 : Final Evaluation of RAMBA Project – World Vision
  • 2018 :Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) – USAID/PEPFAR

Ir Nikwibitanga Ambroise

Research and development 

Ir Ambroise  did statistical school at Burundian university (public university),a schoolship of World Bank  in 2008.  

Since 2008 worked as a  staff of ISTEBU and in 2014,he joined the minister of Agriculture as a statician engineer .

Since 2017,Ir Ambroise joined Cost Ivory university for a master 2 of  statistical agriculture .

Ir Ambroise has experience in Elaboration of survey methodologies,Design of data entry forms, processing, analysis, archiving and data diffusion. 

Ir Ambroise  joined IPROSARUDE in 2016 as a member of IPROSARUDE research and development unit .

Dr François Xavier MANIRAKIZA

Pediatric chief

Doctor François Xavier MANIRAKIZA is a paediatrician, professor of paediatrics and neonatology at Burundi universities (university of Mwaro, Public Health National Institute and Universite Lumière de Bujumbura).

He is a practioner doctor at: Mwaro Clinic University and Gitega Polyclinique of Hope.

Doctor François Xavier MANIRAKIZA did his studies of specialization in paediatric at University of Burundi during three years (3) and two (2) years at Cheikh Anta Diop University of DAKAR in Senegal. He did also medical imagery studies at EL Hadj Ibrahim Niass University and got a University diploma of General Echography (2011-2012).

Dr François Xavier did his studies of general medicine at university of Burundi from 1986 to 1993 where he got a doctorate diploma of general medicine.

Beside all that, he got different certificates at: DAKAR Principal Hospital (neonatology) 2012,

Obstetrical emergencies certificate at Hôpital Prince Régent Charles and CHUK: 2001.He has been a pediatrician practitioner at KIRA Hospital 2016-2017.

He has 15 years of experiences as a practitioner in general medicine from 1993-2008.He has been a director of different Hospitals (Hôpital Sanatorium de KIbumbu, Hôpital de District de KIBUMBU, Hôpital de RUMONGE, and Hôpital de RUTOVU) and also an advisor doctor at INSS (Institut National de Sécurité Sociale): 2003-2004.

Dr François Xavier MANIRAKIZA worked for a N.G.O (A.H.P: Austrarian Help Program) 1998-2000.

Actually, he supervises research works done by students during their ending studies in varied institutes and universities during their ending studies in varied institutes and universities of Burundi.

Dr François Xavier MANIRAKIZA likes as hobbies: swimming, walking and listening to the music even be reading different novels and books related to different subjects.

Ngoga Fred

Communication and  Senior Ophthalmic clinic Officer.

Fred Is Rwandan by Nationality Holding Advanced diploma in Ophthalmology got From University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.

Fred Worked as Senior Trainer in Rwanda Eye Clinic located at Kigali, Where was to Train Nurses in Primary eye care Services and other Simple ophthalmic techinics for Six Months.

He has Participated in Rapid Assesment of Avoidable blindness in Rwanda Where He was Working as Clinic officer and Collecting Data from the Community during research of avoidable blindness disesases supervised by Dr Chiku Mathenge in Western Province.

In 2015 Fred came to Burundi where He worked in a Private Clinic located at NGOZI Province, Worked as Ophthalmic clinic officer.

In June 2016 Fred Joined IPROSARUDE Where now is currently based at Polyclinic espoir Gitega.

Currently Fred is working as Senior Ophthalmic clinic officer At Polyclinic Espoir Gitega, he is also  communication officer.

In His Free time Fred likes to watch football Games especially English premier league, Swimming, and Watching Comedy Shows.

Fred Enjoyed Helping the People with Low opportunities and Patients with No Means of Paying their bills of Ophthalmology Treatments.


Communication assistant

Jean Bosco NTUNGIRIMANA graduated from University of Burundi in Library sciences with high studies Diploma in 2003. The second Degree in Information sciences, especially in Archival studies has been awarded by the University of Cheikh Anta Diop of DAKAR (Senegal) via the online studies of University Agency for French speaking communities (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie in french) in August 2011.

He is a Head of Documentation and Archives Department at the Burundian’s Court of Audit for over 13 years. Since November 2017, He is a part-time Teacher at the University of Burundi especially in History Department.

As a professional in Library and archives management, he is also an independent Consultant in Libraries and archives management and provides professional consulting services on various aspects of Libraries, Archives and Records management in different Organizations such as in public and private sector.

Between March 2011 and September 2011, with funding from the International Development Research Centre, He was a Team Leader of the International Records Management Trust in conducting a case research study project related to “the Managing Records as Reliable Evidence for ICT/ e-Government and Freedom of Information in East Africa”.


Logistic and procurement officer

Médard IRITUNGIRA of Burundian nationality. He holds a diploma of the General Humanities. Concerning the professional career, currently, he is employed by IPROSARUDE, Polyclinic Espoir department of Gitega as cashier. From 2014 until 2015, he worked at MWARO and KAYOGORO respectively in the same institution mentioned above and with the same responsibilities.

Médard is also in charge of supply and logistics at IPROSARUDE.

Ease of working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, resistance to stress, endurance at work, openness, discretion and collaboration, sense of responsibility, spirit of synthesis and initiative, high priority-setting ability, professional secrecy, mastery of the administrative circuits, great courtesy and flexibilities towards employees: these are the main lines that characterize Mr. Médard IRITUNGIRA

Niyongere Antoinette

Administrative and finance assistant

Antoinette is an Administrative and Financial Assistant at the Polyclinique Espoir de Gitega. She was manager of the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega from July 2014 until December 2015.

She has a university diploma from the University of Burundi, in the Institute of Commerce, ISCO (Institut superieure de commerce), hospital management section. In 2013, she completed a professional internship at Hope Fund Microfinance in Bujumbura in accounting and reception services.

In 2012, she completed an internship at Polyclinique centrale de Bujumbura in the services of reception, invoicing, pharmacy and collection.

She is interested in sports and internet.


Ophthalmic Clinic Officer

Arbam Is Rwandan by Nationality Holding Advanced diploma in Ophthalmology got From University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences in 2008.
He has Participated in Rapid Assessment of Neglected Tropical Disease in Rwanda Where He was working as Clinic officer and Collecting Data from the Community during research where he was supervised by Prof. Eugene Saiba SEMANYENZI in Eastern Province in 2008
Arbam Worked as Senior Trainer in RBC INKURU NZIZA located at Kigali, Where was to Train Nurses in Primary eye care Services and other Simple ophthalmic techinics for one year,  Arbam went to work in South Province of Rwanda at University Teaching Hospital of Butare CHUB as a Senior Ophthalmic Clinical Officer For about 4 years.
In 2013 Arbam came to Burundi where He worked in a Private Clinic located at CANKUZO Province, Worked as Ophthalmic clinic officer. In October 2015 Arbam Joined IPROSARUDE Where now is currently based at Polyclinic espoir Gitega.
Currently Arbam is working as Senior Ophthalmic clinic officer at Polyclinic Espoir Gitega at same time being Chief Nursing.
In His Free time Arbam likes to watch Movies, Swimming, Fitness and bodybuild, He also likes to spend time with his family especially during the week−end. Arbam likes to work in a team with good staff collaboration and helping the People with Low opportunities.


Laboratory technician

Aline is Burundian by nationality. She holds a degree in biomedical laboratory analysis.

Aline joined IPROSARUDE in July 2015 where she works as a laboratory technician. She has always dreamed of working for health promotion and community development. She also loves science and the social.


Consultant Physician

Leonard is a doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo who has lived in Burundi since 2001. He attended the University of Burundi, Faculty of Medicine and then completed his doctoral studies in general medicine at the University of Ngozi.

He has worked in the civil service (Kinyinya District Health Hospital) where he has held the position of Head of Internal Medicine Department, and has developed his skills in this district hospital, particularly in surgical operations and in the practice of obstetric, pelvic and abdominal ultrasound.

He had the opportunity to participate in several training courses during his tenure in the public service, which allowed him to sharpen his skills.

After almost 3 years in the public service, he went to work in a private structure (Clinic Vision Santé) for one year and 7 months where he was head of the gyneco-obstetrics department.

Currently, he feels very comfortable working in a local NGO (IPROSARUDE) following a good organization within this association.

Leonard is a doctor who is passionate about his work and is always determined to carry out the tasks assigned to him.



Claudette is Burundian. She graduated in technical and paramedical science from Mwaro University in Burundi in 2013.

In September 2014, Claudette volunteered at Polyclinique Espoir de Gitega. Currently, Claudette has been a nurse at the Polyclinique Espoir de Gitega since May 2017.



Felix is Burundian. He has an A2 medical technician diploma from Ecole paramedical de Cankuzo (eastern Burundi).

Félix has been an IPROSARUDE employee at the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega since January 2018.

Félix started working as a nurse from 2013 right after high school until November 2015 at the REMA hospital in Ruyigi, where he was responsible for a sub-service of foot-boot management and also took part in the supervision of student trainees.

From June 2016 until June 2017 Félix worked as a volunteer nurse at the Hospital Espoir de Kibuye, in Gitega, where he was able to take on all the tasks entrusted to him in the pediatrics, neonatology and therapeutic stabilization services for the malnourished. He has also worked in the surgical department of the operating theatre (as scrub nurse and assistant to the operating physician).

Félix had long been eager to work for IPROSARUDE in order to learn more and contribute to the improvement of rural health development, and now he has had the chance to work as a nurse at the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega.


Collection Manager

Fidela is of Burundian nationality. She studied at the University Lumière de Bujumbura in business informatics. She is employed at IPROSARUDE as collection manager at the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega.

Fidelité BUCUTI

Responsible for Voluntary Testing Counseling

Fidelité is of Burundian nationality. She graduated as an A2 medical technician at the Muyinga Paramedical School in August 2013.

From 2014 until now, she has been working at IPROSARUDE as a nurse at the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega, where she is also responsible for voluntary testing counseling.


Laboratory technician

Jean Pierre is Burundian. He has a degree from a higher vocational institute.

Jean Pierre has been a laboratory technician since 2011. He worked at Rushanali’s health center in Bujumbura, and then in March 2012, Jean Pierre joined the Clinic vision santé in Gitega, until July 2015. Jean Pierre also worked at the Giheta Medical Clinic in 2016 in the installation and start-up of a new laboratory from August 2016 to September 2017.

At the end of 2017, Jean Pierre had the chance to share his knowledge to save human life within IPROSARUDE.

Jean Pierre likes football, volleyball, and action movies.



Larissa is Burundian. She holds a bachelor’s degree in paramedical science from the University of Mwaro in 2013. Since January 2014, she has completed professional internships at the Kibumbu Hospital in Mwaro until March 2017. In April 2017 until January 2018 she worked at the health center of Dr. NDUWUMWAMI in Gitega.

Larissa joined IPROSARUDE at the end of January 2018 where she is employed as a nurse at the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega.



Théoneste is Rwandan by nationality holding Bachelor’s degree in dental therapy with honor got From University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.

Théoneste participate in different seminars and workshops on assessment on basic oral care package (BPOC) in Rwanda and other dental practices.

In January 2016 Théoneste came to Burundi where worked in BurundiMedical and Research Center (BUMEREC)hospital in Bujumbura city,worked as Dental Therapist.

Théoneste joined IPROSARUDEinOctober 2017,where now is currently based at Polyclinic espoir Gitegaand works as Dental Therapist.

When Théoneste is free, he likes to read online news paper and worldwide actualities,comedy, tobe with people and to wacth football and

Théoneste enjoys hardworking and supporting people who are in need in their lives especially those who come to seek dental treatments.


Maternity Services Manager

Claver is of Burundian nationality. He holds a bachelor’s degree in health science with a Midwife option from Mwaro University in 2015.

In December 2015, he was a part-time midwife at the medico-surgical centre in Kinindo for 6 months and then in January 2017 until the end of January 2018, he worked at IPROSARUDE as a volunteer midwife.

At the beginning of February 2018, he is engaged at IPROSARUDE in the Polyclinic Espoir de Gitega as a permanent midwife.



Raphael is of Burundian nationality. He has been an employee of IPROSARUDE since December 2014 as an optician.

In everyday life, Raphael loves sports.


Medical Manager of Clinique Espoir de Mwaro (CEMWA)

Emmanuel NSABIYUMVA is a Burundian Doctor who graduated in September 2018 at University of Burundi. From October to December 2018, he was working at the Saint Vignon Medical Center in Gihanga.

From January 2019, he was hired at Ubuntu Clinic of Buganda in Cibitoke where he was doing medical consultations and performing obstetric and pelvic ultrasound.

From September 2019, he joined Clinique Espoir de Mwaro as a Medical manager of this clinic.




IDUFASHE Ange Erica is Burundian. She graduated at MWARO University in 2014 with a degree in science and paramedical technique. From July 2016, she started to work at Clinique Espoir de Mwaro,  one of IPROSARUDE’s clinics. She is  in charge of pharmacy management. She is also in charge of compiling clinic’s reports.


Ophtalmic clinic officer

Eric NDIHOKUBWAYO graduated at University of Hope of Africa in ophthalmology in the faculty of the sciences of health in 2016. From 2016, he joined Clinique Espoir de Mwaro as a clinician in ophthalmology.

Jacqueline KAMIKAZI

Cashier of Clinique Espoir de Mwaro

KAMIKAZI Jacqueline is Burundian. In 2011, she graduated with A2 diploma in Telecommunications and Management Computer. In 2012, she worked at the Centre Médical de Kayogoro (CMEK), one of IPROSARUDE clinics.

From December 2014, she was transferred to work at Clinic Espoir de Mwaro (CEMWA) as manager.